Below are some notes I have written up for some courses I have taken or I gave. (Very Rough!)

Also, these are some slide files that were presented in several classes and seminars.

The following notes are available upon request (incomplete note/not open to public)

  • Introduction to Partial Differential Equation (written in Korean)
  • Existence of forward self-similar solution of Navier-Stokes for large initial data (review note of the work of Jia-Sverak)
  • Lectures on elliptic and parabolic equations on Holder spaces (based on the book of Krylov)
  • Introduction to Random process (based on the book of Krylov)
  • Littlewood-Paley theory and Kato-Ponce inequality (based on the paper of Dong Li, Fractional Leibniz rules and Kato-Ponce inequality)
  • Local well-posedness and gradient blow up of Burgers type equations
  • ${\rm \LaTeX{}}$

Below are lecture notes on LaTeX (usually written in Korean)